While you were out

Take the rickety bridge, or fall to your death.

Listen girls, not much has happened while you were out…YET! I woke up late, went to work and didn’t do shit the whole time I sat at my desk. I got out of my chair a total of six times an hour and I’m pretty sure I’m not exaggerating here. I listened to the piercing screeches of a sixty-five year old female coworker all day, along with the many sighs of everyone else who hates their job. Next I went to Chipotle, big fucking whoop I know, but damn was it good. I fed the birds the last of my tortilla. I’ve never seen creatures scatter so fast towards a little snippet of nutrients that will soon cause them to explode. I’m killing off the Kansas birds. Eh, I wish I could say something spectacular about this week, but I haven’t really left my house much. SURPRISING right?!

Well anyways, if you know what’s good for you, eat until your food is coming out of your pores.

Kansas sends love and tranquility to whatever your feet may be stepping in today.

I have a feeling you’re not in Kansas anymore.

Your cell phone will be “roaming” in Rome

This, my friends, is a little blog for Grace Kuhl and Renee Kuhl and whoever the hell wants to actually read it. While you guys are out ‘n about roaming Rome, I’ll be sitting at my work desk listening to the complaints of my fellow coworkers. I’m crossing my fingers for a humiliating story I can share, but hey, I’m here to share my days, even if they merely consist of me laying on the couch un-showered with Cheeto particles all over my face and pillow. 

April 11- Keep an eye out. My videos will clearly be me "secretly" videotaping everyone I know.